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SEAHAWK INSHORE FISHING REPORT 1/16/11 We’re still catchin’em !!!

Monday, January 17th, 2011

The redfish bite is still going strong and should continue over the winter months as long as we get into a normal winter weather pattern. We have had some nice days lately with sunny skies and warmer temperatures. This is key this time of year and catching big numbers of reds is a good possibilty when the conditions are right.

The reds are schooled up on the flats and creeks of the lower Cape Fear area. Most of the reds are middle to upper slot fish with a few over slot and small ones mixed in. We are catching most of the reds blindcasting artificials and also picking up a few sightcasting when the winds are light. Fishing mud minnows on light jigheads is also a great way to pick up reds when the fish are finicky.

Hopefully the weather will return to normal and we’ll get some good fishing days in over the next week or two. I should have a good report for the first of Febuary. Check out a few of the photos from some of the recent trips.

Jeff Wolfe
Seahawk Inshore Fishing Charters
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1/4/11 Harrison and Forrest had a great father and son fishing trip catching good numbers of redfish on the lower Cape Fear.

1/5/11 Hugh and Zach caught good numbers of reds back in the creeks fishing DOA soft plastics

1/15/11 Christian with 29′ incher he caught on a artificial shrimp. Another great day with double digits of upper and over slot fish.

1/16/11 Adam with a beast of a redfish at 34″ caught on a Gulp Alive shrimp. Reds of this size are rare for the backwaters.

1/16/11 Adam and Kim and doubled up on reds sightfishing to a large school along a creek bank. This was a beautiful day with big numbers of reds on the lower Cape Fear.

Kim with a 27.5 in red she caught on a Gulp Alive shrimp. She went on a tear towards the end of the day and may have even passed Adam in the numbers category

Another shot of Adam, me, and the 34 inch red that Adam caught along a creek bank.

Seahawk Inshore Fishing Report 1/3/10 2011 REDFISHING STARTING OUT WITH A BANG!!!

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

The redfishing has started out good for 2011 and should continue thru the winter months. We had a couple of warm days with highs in the upper 60’s and that has brought the water temps back up a few degrees. The water temps actually touched the fifty degree mark on the rising tide in the the lower Cape Fear on Saturday Jan 1st. The redfish have really responded and hopefully this trend will continue. We need a normal weather pattern and the redfishing should be good for the rest of the winter.

The reds are schooled up in the creeks and we have been able to do a little sightfishing when the winds and tides cooperate. Most of the reds have been caught blindcasting soft plastics and Gulp Shrimp along creek banks, shellbeds, and the marsh edge. We have also picked up a few fish on live mud minnows. There have been lots of 20+ to 30+ fish days over the past week. We did struggle one day after the last cold front, but did manage five fish in some cold conditions. We have also picked up a few nice speckled trout in the two to three pound range.

Thanks for reading the report and hopefully I will have a good one for the middle of Jan. Check out the photos from some of the trips last week.

Jeff Wolfe
Seahawk Inshore Fishing Charters
Carolina Beach Inshore Fishing Blog

A nice red I picked up blindcasting a paddle tail jig along a creek bank on Christmas day.

My favorite father-in-law Lloyd Hudson and Christian with the result of a double hookup. This was a great present for us with around 40 reds on Christmas day.

12/28/10 Kevin, Eric, and Roger with a few of the reds they caught casting artificials along the marsh edge

Bill and Dave had a double digit day on 12/30/10

12/31/10 Christian and the masked man Alex with the the speckled trout they caught fishing Gulp Shrimp. This was a great day with 34 redfish and four speckled trout.

1/1/11 Paul with one of the reds he caught fishing a live mud minnow on a jighead. This nine year old did a great job casting jigs and picked up 12 reds on artificials and mud minnows

Eric and Paul with three of about 20 reds they caught fishing mud minnows and scented artificials on 1/1/11

Robert with a 26″ and 28.5′ redfish he caught fishing Gulp Alive Shrimp. This was a good day with 27 redfish all on artificials.