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Seahawk Inshore Fishing Report 8/17/10

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Solid red drum fishing, more speckled trout, a few flounder, and some Tripletail opportunities

The inshore fishing is still solid in the early morning hours for reds, specs, and flounder. There have been some tough days mixed in with the good ones, but that’s fishing for the month of August. September is right around the corner and is one of my best months, especially for speckled trout in the Cape Fear area.
We have had some fifty and sixty fish days fishing for specs in the month of Sept.with sixty-seven being my best day.

The red drum fishing is still solid in the creeks, and flats of the lower Cape Fear river and Masonboro Sound. Several large schools are working the shallows and the sighfishing has been excellent when the winds and tides cooperate. Smaller groups of reds are feeding on the edges of deeper water in the creeks and falling for live baits and artificials.

Better numbers of speckled trout are showing up and falling for the some of the same baits we are using for the reds. The trout fishing should start picking up as we get into late August and September.

Flounder fishing has been up and down, but we are picking up a few fish while throwing soft plastics and live baits for redfish and speckled trout.

We have had several shots at some nice tripletail and have only landed one of the six or so we have seen lately. We had a eight pounder on recently and he rubbed the line on some barnacles and broke off at the boat as I was getting ready to net him. I am really fascinated by these fish and love fishing for them. I always have my eyes peeled for tripletails and there is a good chance of being one of the few that ever get an opportunity to catch one of these mysterious fish. They are also one of the best tasting saltwater fish and have a flavor similar to grouper.

Congatulations to my son Christian, his fishing bud Luke, and little brother Stone for winning the redfish division, and taking second in the speckled trout category of the recent Cape Fear Builders Association fishing tourney. They brought home 525.00 for the 1st place redfish, and 150.00 gift certificate for the 2nd place spec. Not bad for a fun day of fishing.

Check out the photos from the past couple of weeks and get ready for some great fall fishing. Thanks for reading my report and good fishing to ya.

Jeff Wolfe
Seahawk Inshore Fishing Charters
NC Inshore Fishing Blog

8/3/10 Christian with a 4.96 lb flounder he caught on a D0A jerkbait. Just shy of a citation

8/3/10 Christian and Blake doubled up sightcasting to a large school of redfish on the flats

8/4/10 Laurie and son Seth doubled on on reds with live baits

8/4/10 Seth with a upper slot red he caught on a live mud minnow. Seth also had a big tripletail on that broke our hearts and 20lb braided as I was getting ready to net him.

8/5/10 Uncle Bill with his first tripletail caught on soft plastic paddle tail jig

8/5/10 Owen with a nice red he caught float fishing a live mud minnow along the marsh edge

8/510 Liam with a upper slot red he caught fishing a live mud minnow on a carolina rig

8/6/10 Cameron and Vic with a couple of the reds they caught fishing live mud minnows on carolina rigs

8/8/10 The Seevers family had a great day catching red drum on live baits

8/12/10 Ralph with a nice flounder he caught fishing a live menhaden on a carolina rig

8/13/10 Cassidy and 8yr old Henry with a couple of the reds they caught float fishing mud minnows along a creek bank

8/14/10 Silvia and Jeff had a great trip on a recent cooperate outing catching redfish on live baits. Thanks for the e-mail guys, sounds like ya’ll put a hurtin on the rest of the fishing crowd

8/16/10 Keith and Rick doubled up sightcasting to a large school on the flats. Keith got his on spinning tackle and Rick got his on the flyrod.

8/16/10 Keith with a spec that fell for paddle tail jig to complete his Carolina inshore slam

Seahawk Inshore Fishing Report 8/3/10 Inshore Slams !!!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The inshore fishing has picked up since my last report with catches of redfish, flounder, speckled trout, sheephead, black drum, and bluefish. We have had some great fishing weather lately with cooler temps and light winds. There are still a couple of tough days mixed in with the good ones, but that’s fishing for the month of August.

The redfish bite has been really good in the creeks and bays of the lower Cape Fear area. The reds are schooled up on the flats and the sightfishing has been good when the winds are light. We are also catching good numbers of reds in the creeks with artificials and live baits. We have had lots of double digit days on the reds with a few speckled trout and flounder to complete several inshore slams recently.

The flounder and speckled trout bite has picked up through out the Cape Fear river on live baits and artificials. The sheephead are feeding around structure along with a few black drum.

Check out the smiling faces from the past couple of weeks. These are just a few of the good catches we have had lately.

Jeff Wolfe
Seahawk Inshore Fishing Charters
Carolina Beach Fishing Blog

Jessica with a lower slot red she caught on 7/26/10

7/27/10 Jay with a over-slot red he caught sightcasting to a school on the flats

7/27/10 Paul with a nice black drum he picked up casting a Gulp Alive shrimp along a shell bank in the lower Cape Fear river

7/27/10 Paul with a nice flounder caught on a Gulp Alive shrimp

7/28/10 Jacob and Gabe had lots of fun catching bluefish, pigfish, spots, and croakers along with clams and blue crabs on a recent seafood trip.

7/29/10 Aaron had a good day his first time throwing lures for reds, specks, and flounder. He actually out fished his dad on this day. They both had a good day on the redfish.

7/29/10 Christian with one of the sheephead he caught on a fiddler crab. He also had a couple of big sheeps break him off. This kid can catch a fish anywhere.

7/30/10 Ryan with a nice red he caught casting a spinnerbait along a shelly creek bank. Ryan and his dad John found a school of reds blindcasting artificials and then we Power Poled down and wore them out on live baits.

7/30/10 John with a 29.5 inch drag screaming redfish he caught on a redfish magic paddletail jig.

7/30/10 Ashley, Sidney, and Taylor with reds they caught fishing mud minnows on carolina rigs.

Ryan, Ashley, and Taylor with a couple of the 25 or so they caught on mud minnows.

8/3/10 Dan with a nice spec he caught on a DOA paddletail jig

Chris, Dan, and Jim had a double inshore slam fishing artificials on 8/3/10