Seahawk Inshore Fishing Report 7/21/10

The inshore fishing has been up and down lately due to warmer than normal water temps and hard southwest winds. There has been some good signs of improvement over the past couple of days with two days of good redfishing, a few flounder and speckled trout.

We are catching most of the reds in the early morning hours by dropping the trolling motor and working shelly bottom dropoffs along some of the deeper creeks in the lower Cape Fear area. The water is a little murky due to lots of wind so lures like spinnerbaits and spoons have been very effective. For those that are not comfortable throwing artificials we can catch redfish using the simple methods of fishing live baits on float rigs and bottom rigs. I have not been able to get on the flats and look for the large schools of reds that were there a week or so ago but I am sure they are still there. Hopefully the wind will cooperate and we can get on the flats and do some sightfishing.

We are also picking up some nice flounder and a few speckled trout while fishing for the reds.

Check out the photos from the past couple of weeks. These are just a few of the good catches we have had lately.

Jeff Wolfe
Seahawk Inshore Fishing Charters
Carolina Beach Fishing Blog

7/8/10 Griffin with a nice red he caught fishing a mud minnow on a carolina rig

7/8/10 Rob with a flounder that fell for a mud minnow on a float rig

7/12/10 Justin with a rare 11.6 lb tripletail that we tag teamed. I saw the fish around a crab trap bouy and casted a mud minnow on a float rig to him. He took the bait, I set the hook and got him away from the bouy, handed the rod to Justin and he finished the awesome battle.

7/13/10 The Price family with a few of the reds they caught, along with a speckled trout and a couple of sheephead

7/15/10 Scott with a lower slot red he caught on a redfish magic soft plastic

7/17/10 Nicole with a 5.2 flounder she caught fishing a mud minnow on a carolina rig

7/17/10 Brittany with a nice red she caught fishing a mud minnow on a carolina rig

7/20/10 Rob with a 4 lb spec ( larger than Jason’s) that fell for a spinnerbait rigged with a cockahoe minnow.

7/20/10 Jeff with a red that fell for a spinnerbait rigged with a Gulp Alive shrimp. Jeff and Rob had a double digit day on the reds along with a few flounder and a 4 lb spec.

7/21/10 Bob with a nice red he caught on spinnerbait rigged with a paddle tail jig

Bob, Brandon,and Ben had a good day catching reds ( approx. 14) on spinnerbaits and Gulp Alive shrimp. They also picked up a few flounder.

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