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Seahawk Inshore Fishing Report 5/16/10 Redfish, Flounder, Black Drum, Sheephead, and Spanish Mackerel in the Cape Fear area.

Monday, May 17th, 2010

The inshore fishing has been good with catches of redfish, flounder, black drum, and sheephead. The speckled trout bite has been off so far this year, but hopefully the specs will show up soon. We have picked up a couple of trout while throwing artificials for reds, along with some nice flounders.

The redfish are spread out among the marshes of the lower Cape Fear, with many double digit days over the past couple of weeks. Most of the reds have been caught by fishing live baits on carolina rigs and float rigs along oyster points and marsh edges. We have also caught good numbers of reds sightcasting and blindcasting jigs and topwater plugs. There are also a few reds arounds docks along the waterway.

The sheephead fishing has been good around bridge pilings and other structure in the Cape Fear area. The sheephead are falling for fiddler crabs fished on carolina rigs close to the srtructure. We have also picked up some nice black drum while fishing for the sheephead.

The flounder are staring to show up in decent numbers and fishing for these tasty fish should be getting better over the next couple of weeks. The spanish mackerel are scooled up close to the beach and there are some good sightfishing opportunities to these fish. Hopefully the winds will cooperate so we can get there and do some spanish fishing.

Thanks for checking out my report. Hopefully I will have a good one for the 1st of June. Check out the photos below from the past couple of weeks.

Jeff Wolfe
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Seahawk Inshore Fishing Report 5/3/10 Lots of different fish to target around Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, and Southport

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

The inshore fishing has been good with catches of redfish, sheephead, black drum, flounder, spanish mackerel, and bluefish. This pattern should continue and get better as we get into late May and early June. We are waiting for the good speckled trout bite we normally have in May. Hopefully the specs will show up with with the arrival of the small menhaden and shrimp in the Cape Fear river.

The redfishing has been good and double digit have been common. The reds are schooled up on the flats and we able to sightcast to these schools when the winds cooperate. We are also catching reds around docks, marsh points, oyster rocks, and in protected creeks of the lower Cape Fear on the windy days. The redfish are hitting soft plastic jigs, topwater plugs and live baits fished on float rigs and bottom rigs.

The sheephead are starting to show up and good sized, up to seven pounds. These fish are a lot of fun and very challenging to get out of the pilings. They are also great to eat.

The flounder are moving into the the inlets and backwaters. We are picking up a few while fishing artificials for redfish. We can also target flounder using live baits fished on carolina rigs. The spanish mackerel are along the beaches and are really nice fish. We can troll and sightcast to these fish when the conditions are right.

May is a great month to get out and do some inshore and nearshore fishing. Redfish, flounder, black drum, sheephead, spanish mackerel. They are all here so let’s get out there and catch’ em. Check out the photos from the past couple of weeks. These are just a few of the nice fish we have caught lately.

Jeff Wolfe
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4/14/10 Tom with a nice redfish he caught on a Wave Tiki Shaddick scented soft plastic

Mechanic Bob with a redfish he caught on 4/14/10

4/17/10 Jeff with a upper slot red he caught on artificial

4/17/10 Eric with a nice sheephead he caught fishing a fiddler crab around some pilings

4/19/10 Charles with a red he caught on a Saltwater Assassin paddle tail jig

We had slick calm conditions on 4/20/10 and were able to sightcast to several large schools of reds on the flats

Bryan and Charles with a few of the sheephead and redfish they caught on 4/19/10

Charles and Charlotte had a good day catching reds on 4/27/10 fishing live mud minnows on float rigs

5/1/10 Tony with a upper slot redfish he caught fishing live baits on a float rig

Rob with one of the many reds he caught on 5/2/10 using artificials and live mud minnows

I made a few cast on 5/2/10 and picked up this three pound flounder on a Wave scented soft plastic jig