Seahawk Inshore Fishing Report 11/17/09

The inshore fishing has been good the past couple of weeks and this trend should continue for the next month. There will be some great inshore fishing opportunities for redfish and speckled trout over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. December is one of my favorite months to fish for reds and specs in the Cape Fear area.

The redfish bite has been really good in the lower Cape Fear using both artificial and live baits. We have been doing some very exciting sightfishing way back up some narrow creeks so shallow I can barely get my Ranger Banshee to the fish. These fish are running in small pods and lots of times we are casting to fish with their backs out of the water. For those that are not comfortable throwing artificials we are catching the reds using the simple methods of bottom fishing and float fishing live minnows and shrimp. We are also picking up a few flounder and speckled trout while fishing for the reds.

The speckled trout bite is good and should be getting better after the water clears some from the recent hard rains we have had recently. We are catching the specs on Billy Bay Halo Shrimp imitations, jigs, and live shrimp on float rigs. Double digit days have been common. Most of the trout are nice fish with our largest weghing in at just over four pounds.

The whiting and gray trout are on the edges of the ship channel in the lower Cape Fear.. Two hook drop rigs baited with fresh shrimp have put these tasty fish in the boat. There are also a few black drum, and sheephead being caught around structure and the bluefish are around the inlets.

Check out the photos from the past couple of weeks. These are just a few of the good catches we have had lately.

Jeff Wolfe
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11/6/09 Chloe with a double on nice spots. We caught 81 spots along with some redfish, virginia mullet, and gray trout on this trip.

11/7/09 Jeff with a nice red caught on artificial in a narrow creek. Jeff has been a regular over the past couple of months and loves catching reds on artificials and is getting good at it.

11/7/09 Jeff and Ed had two back to back hookups of reds out of a small school in a creek about twenty-five feet wide

11/7/09 Ed with a sightcasted red that was chasing bait with his back out of the water. Check out the width of the creek in the background. The Ranger Banshee was sitting in about five inches of water.

11/8/09 Joe, Spencer, and Grant had a good father and sons fishing day catching reds on live mud minnows

11/9/09 Zach with a sightcasted red on artificial

11/9/09 Zach with a spec that hit a jig

11/11/09 Christian with a four plus pound spec that fell for a Billy Bay Halo shrimp

11/14/09 Leslie with a nice flounder that hit a live mud minnow on a carolina rig

11/15/09 AJ with over slot red caught with a live mud minnow on a float rig

11/15/09 AJ and Sarah with a couple of their first redfish

Noah with his first redfish at five years old. Great job Noah!!!

11/11/09 Kenny with nice black drum that hit redfish magic glass minnow

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